Roper Washer And Dryer Reviews

Roper washer and dryer reviews

Roper washer and dryer which mean  Deep Water Wash Option fills the tub with sufficient water during the wash and rinse cycle. Plus, the washer's sturdy Porcelain Tub helps protect clothes from snagging, while the huge Capacity lets you get the most out of your loads.

This  3.5 cu-ft Roper® Top-Load Washer provides a thorough clean thanks to the Wash-Action Agitator, which uses two and independently-moving pieces to provide plenty of wash movement in your daily use. 

Roper washer and dryer reviews

What should know on Roper washer and dryer reviews 

  • This Lowe's Exclusive is only available at Lowe's
  • Wash-action agitator - the two pieces move independently to provide plenty of wash movement, delivering a thorough clean
  • Deep Water Wash option delivers a thorough clean by filling the tub with more water during the wash and rinse cycle
  • Porcelain tub helps protect fabrics from snagging

Other feature you must know

  • Large capacity lets you fit more into your loads
  • Late lid lock gives you extra time to throw in last-minute items before the spin cycle starts
  • Extra rinse option helps remove soils or extra detergent by adding more rinse action to select wash cycles
  • Delicates cycle uses a slower spin speed and wash action to deliver a gentle clean

Why choose Roper washer and dryer 

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