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Is itaki Lunch Box have any Alternatives?

While regular lunch boxes are good enough to carry your everyday lunch to the office, electric lunch boxes can offer you a better potential. Heating up the food on the go, retaining the warmth as if just cooked, and even becoming a full-fledged electric cooker – everything is possible when you own an electric lunch box!

Now, when it comes to such a device, itaki is one of the names that you simply can’t ignore! Different models from itaki have proven to be quite trustworthy among users. However, these boxes do come with a premium price tag because of the brand value.

So, is there any itaki lunch box alternative? Well, of course, there is! Let’s find out three of the most useful alternatives to the itaki lunch box that you can use today! Let’s hop in, shall we?

Benefits of Electric Lunch Box 

There are tons of benefits of having an electric lunch box for your daily food carrying purpose. These are

  • Most Electric Lunch boxes can cook and heat up food at the same time
  • These devices cook automatically without physical intervention
  • The lunch boxes are pretty easy to take apart and clean
  • These boxes can keep the food warm for a long time
  • Most lunch boxes can turn off automatically if there’s no water. This confirms safety.

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Top 3 itaki Lunch Box Alternatives 

Here’re the three electric lunch boxes that we found to offer perfect competition to itaki pro lunch boxes. Read till the end to find out how!

  • LOYALHEARTDY Electric Lunch Box

Cook while you take your bus towards your office! Yes, owning the LOYALHEARTDY Electric lunch box allows you to enjoy the benefit of the future today! This 2-liter huge lunch box comes with 3 layers of storage, giving you the perk of storing different types of foods in different compartments.

itaki lunch box alternative

Plus, this box gives you the option to cook, steam, boil, and stew simultaneously. You can easily cook rice by adding water to the base layer. A simple switch is there to start the magic of the device! Its double buckle on the sides gives it a firm closure while you carry it around.

Why We Like It 

(+) Automatic Power Off Protection 

The base of the box allows you to cook using water. However, the device keeps turned on if there’s enough water inside. Once the water runs out, the device automatically turns off to keep it safe for the users.

(+) No Peculiar Smell 

You can’t argue that some of the lunch boxes that our colleagues bring in emit quite an annoying smell. Well, that’s something you can totally avoid using this one here. It is quite sealed and tight that it doesn’t let any smell of food escape inside.

(+) Double Buckle 

Even seen some lunch box getting wide open without even properly unpacking it? Well, that’s going to be quite embarrassing. That’s why LOYALHEARTDY put double buckles on two sides of the box to keep the boxes attached tight to one another.

Keep In Mind

(-) No Fill Line

There’s no fill line for the water to fill in. You may spill some water while filling it up.

  • Thousanday Store Lunch Box Heater Portable

Sometimes, all you need is a little portion-sized lunch box when you have a busy day ahead. Who would go the extra mile to maintain a huge lunch box on these busy days? Well, that’s the reason Thousanday thought of this 43-ounce lunch box that’s simply perfect for lunch on the go!

Lunch Box

Cooking, heating, and boiling – you can do all of these in one single box with comfort and ease! Made from food-grade plastic and stainless-steel containers, the lunch box is just the perfect heating and cooking device for you to have a meal. This is pretty healthy and also quite hygienic.

Why We Like It 

(+) Dishwasher Friendly 

It’s really a pain in the neck when you have to wash the entire lunch box part by part with your very own hands when you get back home. Most boxes in the market are dishwasher-phobic, so yes, this one saves your day. You can easily put it in the dishwasher with soapy water, and voila! - it’s clean.

(+) Protection System 

Just like some of the top-notch food storing devices, this lunch box protects security to the user as much as needed. When there’s a water shortage in the base, the pot will automatically get switched off to save you from probable electrical damage!

(+) Optimum Build-Quality 

The plastic used in this device is completely food-grade PP plastic that you can rely on. Put any type of food in it, and you can rest assured that the food is going to be healthy and odor-free for the rest of the day. Plus, the steel portion of the inner pots is crafted from 304 stainless steel, which gives away the story of its durability.

Keep In Mind 

(-) Little Storage 

As we have mentioned, the storage on this device is not huge, so it’s just going to be a one-person lunch setup.

  • Janolia Electric Food Heater

Our final suggestion is the 2.35-pound electric heater box from the house of Janolia store. This one is also a one-person food heating box with 1.3 liters of capacity. So, it’s going to be a perfect match for you if you are looking for something that you can pack in your backpack somehow. Yes, with its 8.27 x 7.87 x 8.27 inches dimension, it’s definitely possible.

Janolia Electric Food Heater

As for the design, the heater box is made of food graded plastic. This is why it’s totally hygienic and safe to carry your food in it. There’re two separate parts inside – a bowl and a plate, both made from superior quality stainless steel.

Why We Like It? 

(+) Waterproof Plug Port 

This is something you don’t see every day. The plug port of the device is totally waterproof. So, even if you spill water from the pot, it’s not going to make a difference and won’t cause an electric accident.

(+) Indicator Light Switch

Wondering if the device is turned on or off? That’s not something you need to be even concerned about if you are bagging this device. It has a single switch that can be used to turn the machine on and off. Plus, it has an indicator light to tell you whether it’s turned on or off.

(+) Easy To Wash 

Every single part of this device can be conveniently separated. What does that mean? It means you can easily wash the device with no parts left with food residue. That’s something you would definitely bet your bucks on!

Keep In Mind 

(-) Slow Heating 

The heating process is kind of inconsistent, so it may take longer than you anticipate to cook something in it.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Can you cook in an electric lunch box?

Ans. Yes, of course. However, it depends on the model. Some lunch box comes with cooking facility along with heating. On the other hand, some simply feature a heating option.

Q2. Where is Itaki company located?

Ans. Itaki company is located in basically Toronto, Canada. However, they distribute across the USA and also around the world with fulfillment partners.

Q3. Is Itaki lunch box BPA free?

Ans. Yes, itaki uses food-grade BPA-free plastic materials in making the lunch boxes. So do the boxes that we have reviewed here in this article.

Final Words 

Many users like us do look for the itaki lunch box alternative in the market. However, very few electric lunch boxes have the capacity to stand up to the mark. We picked up these three electric lunch boxes that can easily replace any itaki lunch box without even being noticed! From durability to functionality, these food boxes offer prime services that any itaki user would fall for!

Have a great purchase!

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