Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Cross Handle Bathroom Faucet

Cross handle bathroom faucet

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Looking for the bathroom faucet? Well, there is no need to visit the online stores or market before reading this legit and unbiased product review.

There are numerous brands of bathroom faucets to choose from. Each brand presents a versatile design, flexible build and the promise to last longer without any replacement.

Now the Moen TS42114 Weymouth Bathroom Faucet also offers the same promises. It aims to take on a different approach by offering a shower valve and trim kit and chrome finish.

Moen TS422114 has received a lot of praise in many home improvement communities due to its durability, flexibility, performance and versatility.

This in-depth review aims to provide comprehensive insight into the aesthetic design, construction and other important features that you may want to know. Let’s cut to the chase.

A Sleek Outer Every Bathroom Decor

First, let’s talk about the exterior aesthetic design. The Moen bathroom faucet comes with an elegant exterior, chrome in color with classic European styling.

Despite the outer shell being made from porcelain, the Moen bathroom faucet aesthetic tends to ooze a sense of uncommon luxury.

Unlike other bathroom faucets, the Moen TS422114 comes with a limited lifetime warranty against drip, leaks and finish defects.

Why is this important? The limited lifetime warranty helps maintain the faucet’s bathroom décor beauty, reliability, and innovative design.

Besides that, it is easy to change your bathroom and shower faucet style. Hence, making a great deal when upgrading the style at any point during the construction process.

Finally, Moen single handle shower faucet eco performance helps to promote water efficiency and incorporate sustainable practices in human lives.

What Features Does Moen TS422114 Bathroom Faucet Come With?

Flexible Design

The faucet has two cross-style handles. The hot side tends to turn anti-clockwise to open, and the cold side turns clockwise.

You can install the faucet handles at any distance between 8 and 16 inches. Hence, it helps to provide a more personalized widespread installation.

M-Pact Common Valve System

The moen shower valve system is quite important when changing your shower and bathroom style. These changes are normally important when upgrading the bathroom design.

Besides that, the installation of M-Pact-compatible faucets does not need any faucet plumbing. Thus, help to save on the future cost when switching the style.

Moen Eco-Performance

The Moen faucet not only saves energy but also helps to create a healthier environment to dwell. It has also incorporated sustainable practices into our everyday lives.

That’s not all—the WaterSense program helps to promote water efficiency and maintain the same unbeatable performance.

Cross handle bathroom faucet Design Durability 

The faucets are made from premium materials that enhance longevity and bring out the aesthetic design.

Besides that, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty to guarantee the user’s reliability and durability. The lifetime moen warranty covers leaks, drip and finish defects.

Cross handle bathroom faucet Pros and Cons of Moen TS422114 Bathroom Faucet?

The Advantages Include the Following:

Metal Construction

The bathroom faucets are made from high-quality metal materials. It provides robust construction design and enhances durability.

Excellent Performance

The faucets are designed in a way that they can balance the water pressure. Besides that, the faucets are suitable for promoting water efficiency and saving energy.

Easy to Switch Style

These appliances tend to come with the M-Pact common valve system. It helps to make things easier when upgrading the current style. The changes can be attained with any faucet plumbing.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

The company offers the product with a limited lifetime warranty against leaks, drip and finish defects. The aim is to guarantee ultimate customer satisfaction in terms of reliability and longevity.

It’s Versatile

The moen shower faucet has a versatile design that matches perfectly with any bathroom decoration style. The chrome finish tends to ooze, appealing a sleek and professional design.

Saves of Energy

The Moen faucet tends to meet the EPA WaterSense requirements. This means that it helps conserve water and also saves on the amount of energy used.

The Disadvantages Include the Following:

Low-Quality Design

The faucet does not last longer than expected. The handles are highly prone to coming off in case it is not in use.

Quite Expensive

The cost of acquiring the bathroom faucet is extremely expensive. However, it is worth the value of your money in terms of performance.

Lack Some Vital Parts

A lot of customers complain about the faucet not coming with all essential parts for easy installation. Many have felt ripped off since they had to hire a professional plumber in the long run.

Moen TS422114 Bathroom Faucet FAQs:

Are Moen Faucet Handles Interchangeable?

No. The trim kits of each handle are quite different. We recommend checking the type of valve currently used. It will help understand the handle operation and moen shower trim kit type.

Can You Change Faucet Handles?

Yes. Broken faucet handles can easily be changed. Thanks to the M-pact common valve system, which allows you even to update the style.

Does Moen Give Free Replacement Parts?

Yes. Moen faucets come with a limited lifetime warranty against finish defects, leaks and drip. But ensure the product bought is original before seeking a replacement.

How Do I Keep My Chrome Faucet Shiny?

You need to use white vinegar or dilute lemon juice. These products help to get rid of soap scum and hard water spots. Rub the faucets with bay oil to make the chrome shiny.

How Do I Identify My Moen Faucet Model?

First, check the model series that has four to five digits. Ensure the serial number begins with 7 or 8 and followed by a letter.

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Final word

Moen TS422114 is an amazing bathroom faucet to consider. The sleek design makes the appliance compatible with any bathroom décor.

Besides that, they are made from premium metal materials to enhance durability and reliability. That’s not all. It helps to promote water efficiency and save energy.

If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom faucets, then Moen TS422114 is a great deal. The chrome finish brings out a sense of uncommon luxury in your bathroom.

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