best Netgear wifi extender

No.1 Best Netgear wifi extender and Netgear wifi routers for Cutting the Cord: Why Cable is Out

best Netgear wifi extender

We think it’s time to cut the cord and say goodbye to cable forever while you have Netgear wifi extender. Did you know that when you stream with a VPN (virtual private network) enabled, you can unlock content from around the world? Often, this is completely free of charge thanks to the rise of TV on-demand apps and program back catalogs released by terrestrial channels.

For years, many of us have paid upwards of 85 dollars a month for cable TV subscriptions. But now, with the advent of excellent streaming services, getting high-quality programs doesn’t need to cost anywhere near as much.

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Say you really want to watch The Block (probably Australia’s best home renovation show) but you live in the states. What can you do? It’s super simple. Turn your VPN on and connect it to an Australian server. Then, create an account with Australia’s Channel 9 network and Bob’s your uncle—you have free access to The Block and can stream away happily!

Addicted to British humor? Indulge your passion by watching BBC iPlayer free of charge. Again, it all starts with your VPN. Turn it on and make sure you connect to a British server. Then, set up your free account and start streaming all the Only Fools & Horses or Mash you’ve ever wished for.

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Your VPN subscription truly is your ticket to a world of high-quality programs. Why pay more for cable and have to surf through endless rubbish programs to find what you really want to watch when with a few swift clicks, you can have exactly what you want to watch, on-demand, instantly.

If you’re not averse to paying a small amount for streaming services, here is our round-up of the very best streaming subscription services for cord-cutters like yourself:

YouTube TV: Subscriptions start at just under $50 per month and subscribers received about 70 channels to peruse with pleasure. A note here to NFL fans, YouTube TV is missing the NFL Network channel.

Despite this drawback, we’re impressed with the interface, which is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The wide selection of DVR compatible shows and free DVR functionality is welcome. Others, such as Sling TV, charge more for this.

Hulu: Fans of The Voice, The Handmaid’s Tale, and those of us who are secretly addicted to 90-Day Fiance will love Hulu’s streaming service. Plus at the low rate of just $5.99 per month, Hulu’s streaming plans are extremely budget-friendly. If you decide to go up a notch, Hulu With Live TV starts at $55 dollars per month.

Sling TV: Cord cutters watching their monthly spend will appreciate Sling TV’s comparatively low price of just $30 per month. Not a bad price to pay for around 30 channels, some DRV functionality, and a free trial! Fox fans should note that Fox and NBC only appear in certain cities.

How to get started with cord-cutting using best Netgear wifi extender

You will need a reliable fiber, ADSL, or home broadband connection. Then, pick a streaming service of your choice. To connect to free TV on-demand offerings from around the world and really expand your viewings, switch on your VPN and connect to any country you fancy to unblock their networks’ content.

Many of the services we’ve mentioned (and others we haven’t such as Netflix) offer multiple users and multiple devices. This allows several users to stream content at the same time. If you and your family do this often, it’s wise to invest in a good WiFi booster using netgear wifi extender.

Here are some of our favorites and why:

NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender EX2700

Covers a whopping 600 square feet and boosts up to ten devices at a time.

Great value for money

Very compact design that plugs into a wall socket and is barely noticeable

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The Rolls Royce Phantom of WiFi range extenders and boosters, the NETGEAR Mesh offers 2,500 square meters of coverage and connects 50 devices. Perfect for fully functioning smart homes with multiple devices on the network 

Netgear wifi routers Universal compatibility, no need to worry if the device will work with your existing gear. 

Ethernet ports so users can plug gaming consols and more directly into the extender

With nifty devices such as these, free on-demand services from around the world, and the many streaming services on offer, there’s no need to struggle with cable TV. The TV of the future is here so it’s time to cut the cable!

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