7 Things You Didn’t Know About Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

Best basketball shoes for flat feet

If you are looking for the basketball shoes for flat feet players and intending players within the game of basketball is one of the most interesting things to do, why? Because, people see those with flat feet at non-suitable for sport activities that has to do with long time which  basketball is part of. To involve in any game, one need to be balance ad this single feature is what is missing naturally from people with flat feet.

However, it is a know fact that some of the current and former excellent players of the game are actually flat footed. Then how will a player with flat feet be able to balance it as a basketballer? The answer is not farfetched as it's clear that most of the sportswear companies now make an extraordinary shoes that suit the lifestyle of these set of people and making an insole with shock absorption component in their shoes to replace what they are missing naturally. In this piece, we pull together some of the best shoes that can be worn by a flat feet person that plays or intends to play basketball within the indoor or outdoor court.

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How to choose best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

  • Nike Men's Jordan Jumpman Pro

Are you looking for an excellent basketball shoe with an unprecedented jumping power with a high top, especially if you are flat footed or you have a ward  who is one. The Jordan Jumpman pro is our sure bet for you to go for. Exactly what is unique about this exact product? Let me bring to your knowledge the most interesting part of this later days Air Jordan extension product. As an air Jordan product extension it mark the beginning of a new era with unique feature that makes it an upgrade from that superb product from one of the Nike air unit to celebrate the uniqueness in quality of the game icon, Michael Jordan. The product comes with a full grain leather at the upper top, which makes it beauty to behold and a good worthy for its price.

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The Zoom air unit cushioning and the midfoot shank added as a support make the movement of whomever wore it as easy as an oil on a flat surface. It drives you down the court like a speed of light. The lace eyelet however is made of metal at the top, lacing the shoe can never be easier, that you don't have to worry. The tongue of the shoe is made "mesh-like" that you just don't have to worry about ventilation, because you will have love of it penetrating through the point. Let's take a good look at other mouth watering details that this superb shoes come with.

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Best basketball shoes for flat feet
Best basketball shoes for flat feet

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Features and Details

  1. The midsole was encapsulated with zoom air unit which make it a good deal for people with flat feet as this will boost their movement speed and jumping power.
  2. You have choices of colour to choose from.
  3. Sizes too are made flexible as you have small, medium and big sizes.
  4. it has synthetic upper for extraordinary look and feel better using it.

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  • Nike Men's Air Precision NBK

Another great basketball shoes under this review is the Nike Air Precision which according to the name is as good in the air for both the new comer and the professional of the game. The air Precision NBK is a midtop basketball shoe that is specially made for both low income and high income earners. The basketball shoe is made of a Herringbone placed on a rubber outsole for long lasting usage. The inner contains phylon foam for unique response and the heel that is encapsulated wit cushioning air unit.  The breathable material that the upper part was made of makes it more comfortable to wear and give breeze the chance to penetrate, it gives support to the leg region and lockdown the toes comfortably. So light in weight, this with the combine feature of breathable material and locked-in midfoot containment the shoe is perfectly made for fast cut around the court and heavy landing from air. What more do flat feet basketballers need that a suitable shoe that will make his movement easy and able to lift comfortably in the air as well as pocket friendly in term of price. Why not check it out at the nearest store to you.

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Best basketball shoes for flat feet
Best basketball shoes for flat feet

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Features and Details

  1. Thickly Padded tongue to aid comfortable sitting of your toes.
  2. Fabric lining of the shoe make it looks mature and befitting any outing even outside the court.
  3. It outsole is rubber coated.
  4. it's lace-up closure make the wearing  so enticing.
  5. it comes in different mixture of colours to choose from-
  •     Black and White mixture.
  •     Black, blue and white mixture.
  •     Gold with touches of black.
  •     Gray, black and white mixture etc.
  •     Different sizes are available to fit in to any leg.

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  • Nike Hyperdunk 

Nike Hyperdunk 2017 low is another fit all basketball shoe that suit every leg that play the game. This shoe is suitable for the flat feet people in many ways, from the design to the structure of the shoe and the weight. The Hyperdunk 2017 low quality is well pronounced by it's usual tread that made it look super nice. The upper part of the shoe look fantastic with its nubuck material placed on the swoosh and heel counter which made it super light, with the combination of its sock-like texture and the Jacquard fabric with the soft, flexible, breathable and supportive model.

The shie's cushion is so responsive and thin which causes the user to bounce at a very minimal close to ground level as well as maintaining impact protection. The traction however, is insensitive to dust and fit perfectly when use outside the court. If you are the type that do not fancy a high bouncing cushion, this is really your sure bet. The newcomers can also give this a trial, as it will be a perfect match for their startup. If you are considering the size of your purse also, the Hyperdunk 2017 low is perfectly made for you and you don't need to worry about being flat footed.

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Best basketball shoes for flat feet
Best basketball shoes for flat feet

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Features and Details

  1. It energizes steps with its minimal cushion level.
  2. The shoes traction is quite impressive and great and have low dust attraction.
  3. The structure brings you closer to the ground which aids your dunking power to those who knows how to use it well.
  4. It feels so light and easy to lift.
  5. It has soft and lighten cushioning.
  6. The external heel counter is there for extra stability.

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  • Nike Men's Kyrie Flatrap

The last on the this list is the Kyrie Flatrap. This uniquely made basketball shoes is suitable for player with flat feet because of its stunning aesthetic and unmatched functions. The very light and mesh upper is built the quick and agile basketballers which is complemented with a fantastic lacing system bows tie to the top edge for a balanced and perfectly fit. The Zoom air unit across the shoe heel is a perfect balancing tool for the flat footed among those who play basketball. The micro tread embedded into the rubber sole make the traction match up to the task, the curvy nature of the outsole also enhance the traction for fast cuts and flawless transition. The rubber outsole of the Kyrie Flatrap hardly pick up dust, but when it does, I quick wipe will make it look good again. It is also good for outside the basketball court usage, if you are the type that fancy going out with basketball sneaker, it surely make a good outing.

Best basketball shoes for flat feet
Best basketball shoes for flat feet

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Features and Details

  1. It possesses a lace-up entry for secure fit and comfortability.
  2. The heel counter is made as a means to stability player on court.
  3. It has adjustable hook and loop strap.
  4. it's so smooth and fluid in transition around the court.
  5. Such an affordable pairs of basketball shoes.
  6. It possesses a flexible sole that maintain traction for easy transition.
  7. The pair of shoes come in different colors and combination.
  8. Different sizes are available to suit different sizes of legs.
  • Air Force 1 High '07

This is another high quality basketball sneaker. It has low, mid and high top model for the sneaker freaks.  It is know for it comfort ad best fit. It is legendary when it comes to balling around the court.  Its soft cushioning and firm high top make it a perfect fit for all players, be it player with flat foot or moderate. It is really a top notch and wearable in and out of the court.

Best basketball shoes for flat feet
Best basketball shoes for flat feet

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Features and Details

  1. its high top ankle provide unmatch stability for players on and off the court.
  2. Very affordable.
  3. Reliable as one of the early invention from Nike for basketballer.
  4. It ia available in different and any color you can think of.
  5. Top quality shoe if you ask me.

Final Word:

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